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How to protect your website, web applications,
and data from DDoS attacks - Download the brochure

With the growing number of DDoS attacks, it is imperative to take action and protect your website.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are making news headlines as businesses are kicked offline, most recently affecting the world's biggest banks, stock exchanges, and businesses. The fact is DDoS attacks happen quite regularly, which negatively impact an organization's revenue, brand image, and operations. Organizations that attempt to fight distributed attacks with a centralized defense posture quickly become overwhelmed and buckle under the volume of malicious traffic that occurs during a DDoS attacks.

CDNetworks' cloud-based DDoS mitigation is ideally suited for mitigating DDoS attacks.

Through a combination of our 200 global PoP locations, Anycast DNS methodology, DDoS absorption infrastructure, and WAF, our global network can respond to unusual traffic spikes. 24/7 monitoring by security professionals ensures your website is available for legitimate traffic and free of malicious traffic that can slow or take it down.

Learn more about protecting your website from DDoS attacks - Download the brochure

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