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Cut your inbox by over 60%.
Only Contatta connects all your conversations, tasks, files, projects, contacts and email together. It’s everything your team needs to get everything done—with a lot less email.
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Less email. More collaboration.
If you’re like most, you spend upwards of 2 1/2 hours of each workday inside a bloated inbox. Why? Because for the last 20 years, we’ve been forced to use email, a communication tool, to manage our tasks, files, contacts and project collaboration. That's why your team needs Contatta.
Email built for teams.

Contatta is the future of collaboration.
Over 60% of email is between co-workers. Contatta lets you shift conversations you’d normally have in a million reply-all emails into collaborative workrooms where you can share information, comment, like, create tasks and organize files across your entire organization. Collaborate with everyone—even your clients, vendors and partners—for free.
Less email. More collaboration.

Everything you need, to get everything done.
Share ideas and files instead of hitting reply-all. Quickly turn an email into a task or team discussion. Assign tasks to teammates instead of forwarding messages. Automatically sort and track all your files and contacts. And do it all from one place—Contatta.
One workspace.

One workspace for your entire workday.
Contatta eliminates the need for multiple business apps. No more logging in and out, no more flood of reminder emails. Just one workspace for your team to accomplish everything.
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