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January 2, 2014
Bill Ives Why IT Should Embrace BYOD Rather Than Get Run Over
By Bill Ives
Happy New Year. Here is a tech post to start 2014. Prohibition does not work. People will do work around if there is a desire for a service or product. This applies to many things. Prohibition in the US proved this for alcohol as it simply led to the movement of organized crime into the market. I have heard the same thing happen when the UK tried to add a tax to cover the health costs of tobacco use. Organized crime found that smuggling cigarettes was more lucrative than drugs.

This has been the case with enterprise IT on a number of fronts. If you try to deny social media use, people will find a work around.. If you fail to provide adequate ways to share files, People will flock to unsecure solutions like Dropbox. BYOD is another classic case. The article, BYOD Movement Requires Management, Not Resistance: 10 Reasons Why, articulates why this new trend should be embraced, not resisted. It is better to en actively engaged in a new movement that, as BYOD has become “an irresistible force that has actually made an impact on the vast [...]

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