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November 13, 2013
Sean Patterson Majority Of New Smartphones Now Use Android
By Sean Patterson
Though Apple’s iPhone continues to be the most sought-after mobile device in developed markets, Google’s Android platform now firmly dominates smartphone market share. Market research firm IDC today revealed its estimates that 81% of smartphones shipped during the third quarter of 2013 were running Android.

This amounts to more than 170 million of the estimates 211.6 million smartphones that IDC believes shipped during the last quarter. Overall, smartphone shipments increased nearly 40% from the third quarter of 2012, despite analyst predictions that established smartphone markets are becoming saturated.

Apple’s iOS platform is still firmly in second place, despite losing a bit of market share during the third quarter, down to 12.9% from 14.4% last year. This small decline is largely due to the massive 51.3% increase in Android shipment volumes year-over-year. Apple also increased its shipment volumes by just over 25%. [...]

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