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Monitor your servers and applications

Ensure critical applications are running smoothly.

Server monitoring service from Site24x7 is an agent based monitoring solution that helps you monitor the availability and performance of backend systems such as servers and desktops across branch offices and datacenters. It monitors critical metrics such as CPU usage, memory, disk, processes, services and network utilization for Windows and Linux machines and alerts you if there is any downtime.

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In addition to monitoring servers via installed agents, Site24x7 offers agentless monitoring from the cloud for your DNS, mail servers, websites, web applications, TCP/IP Ports and Ping. These capabilities help monitor all the aspects of a server typically used as web infrastructure.

Key Benefits of using Site24x7 Server Monitoring
  • Reliable monitoring service spanning 40+ monitoring stations worldwide
  • Monitor critical server metrics such as CPU load, available memory, used memory, available swap space, disk usage, process, services and network utilization
  • Access performance metrics on mobile device (using iPhone, Android app or via your mobile web)
  • Receive instant alerts via SMS/email/RSS/Twitter whenever resources cross your set threshold limits
  • Agent based monitoring does not require you to open up any additional ports in your firewall except for the normal HTTP(S) port
  • Supports monitoring of other network applications like SMTP, HTTP, POP, ping, DNS and FTP
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