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June 20, 2013
Dave Taylor Review: D-Link AC1750 Gigabit Cloud Router
By Dave Taylor
A lot of electronics make their way through the AskDaveTaylor offices and probably 2/3 of them include some sort of Internet connectivity through one or another flavor of 802.11 wireless connectivity, better known as “wifi”. From TVs to TV interfaces, toys to computers, tablets to wireless speakers, if I could see all the data flying back and forth, it’d be a thick web of information and would make it darn hard to move around.

That’s why the router in the office is of critical importance: if it’s misconfigured or can’t keep up with the varied data traffic, things start to slow down, and when you’re streaming video or even audio, slowing down means hiccups that are darn annoying, ranging from sporadic pauses to buffer video to things just freezing up or failing. Even with regular data traffic, a high-speed tube coming into the office (hey, at least I didn’t refer to it as an offramp on the information superhighway!) doesn’t guarantee that the Web will be snappy on a new Windows 8 [...]

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Sources close to Apple told 9to5Mac that the next iteration of Apple’s iOS software will be getting a complete redesign. That redesign will predominantly sport black and white colors while toning down on the textured look that iOS has been known for since its inception in 2007.

Apple Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive (aka the guy who designed the iPhone hardware) is now in charge of the iOS7 [...]
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