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Microsoft, HP Invest In Cloud Computing
[2010-01-14] People in the IT industry who aren't already familiar with the ins and outs of cloud computing may want to get on top of things. Microsoft and HP have partnered in this field, and mean to advance it by spending a whopping $250 million.

Issues To Consider Before Implementing Enterprise 2.0
[2009-03-16] Here's an excellent article by Kate Carruthers about what IT must consider before implementing Enterprise 2.0 applications, 5 Key IT Issues for Successful Enterprise 2.0 Implementations.

IT Concerns With Transaction On The Cloud
[2009-03-05] You read that right! Somebody is dumb crazy enough to put transactions in the "insecure" clouds.  I mean, look at all of the threats and compliance issues:

Businesses Are Moving Towards SaaS
[2009-02-19] Here are several excerpts from an an article by Steve Evans about recent research regarding the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) in small and mid-sized enterprises, SMEs turning towards SaaS:

Test Simple HTTP Loads With Apache Bench
[2009-02-05] If you have access to a Mac or Linux server, chances are you may already have a really simple http load generating tool installed called Apache Bench, or ab. If you are on windows and have Apache installed, you may also have ab.exe in your apache/bin folder.

IT Pros Should Prepare For Open Source Government
[2009-01-22] Some people like open source software; others, not so much. But IT professionals on both sides of the issue may at some point gain a sort of power user to keep in mind in the form of the federal government.

GNOME Foundation Calls For Collaboration for Support
[2009-01-10] Sugar Labs - the no-profit foundation behind the sugar educational software platform running on the OLPC - joined the GNOME Foundation as part of the GNOME Advisory Board.

Learning To Implement Digital Asset Management
[2008-12-18] Project managers, creative directors, enterprise architects, and consultants struggle to determine the optimal way to implement Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology, according to CMS Watch. Important information must be understood prior to implementation in order to mitigate risk, including:

Hackers Seek Intellectual Property Security For Malware Kits
[2008-12-11] There is interesting news coming from the hacker underground that hackers are trying to enforce their Intellectual Property when it comes to malware kits.

Major IT Trends for 2009
[2008-12-04] Here is a brief synopsis of an enlightening article by Samuel Greengard, a freelance writer for Baseline magazine, Top 10 Trends in IT for 2009:

Real-Time Collaborative Text Editing With EtherPad
[2008-11-20] EtherPad is a collaborative, real-time text editor created by, among others, two ex-Google employees*. An EtherPad document is quickly set up without any need for registration.

Consider Microsoft's BizSpark For All Your Open Source Needs
[2008-11-06] Port25 is reporting that Microsoft's new program to encourage startups to use Microsoft technology:

Stay Protected From New Wordpress Hacking Strategy
[2008-10-23] An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Disaster Recovery Plan in Case of SaaS Failure
[2008-10-13] Over the last week, the SaaS community has been roiled by the arrest of the CEO and CFO of Entellium a SaaS provider in Seattle. Here is what you do if your back end service provider goes out of business.

'Cloud' for All Size Companies
[2008-09-22] Startups and non-profit organizations typically are constrained by limited capital budgets. Startups need to quickly launch their products and services at low costs.

Learn Cloud Computing With Cloud Ave
[2008-09-18] Want to know what the deal is around cloud computing? Then head on over to Cloud Ave, a new multi person blog that is all about cloud computing.

User Manual for Google Chrome
[2008-09-15] People use IE because it comes pre-installed and does mostly what they need it to. Walk into an office and glance around - you will see a lot of IE. Those who know better use Firefox because it is more stable, more secure, and faster. Where does that leave Chrome? I think as a third option for early adopters. But those who just need to get work done, who use Gmail and are too busy to mess around with bugs have probably all switched back to Firefox.

Tips and Pointers for Google Chrome
[2008-09-04] Chrome is Google's newly released browser. It's currently available for Windows only. Following are a couple of FAQ's and bits of interest.

Watch Out for Joomla Hack That Resets Your Admin Password
[2008-08-21] There has been a spate of hacking against a popular open source software package called Joomla using a password forgery hack to reset the administrative password on your Joomla powered site.

Reasons You Should Go To Business Of Software 2008
[2008-08-14] If you read this blog, there's a pretty good chance you're somehow involved in the business of software. By that, I mean you are trying to (gasp!) make money in the software business.

Hacking The Hypervisor
[2008-07-31] With all the talk about cloud computing, virtualization, and systems management, this month there are going to be three discussions about hacking the hypervisor that takes us right to the root of cloud computing and virtualization of systems.

Managing Project Configuration Items
[2008-07-17] To ensure the integrity of the deliverables, software and hardware components, and supporting documentation that are necessary to support development or maintenance of the end-products, throughout the project life cycle.

Information Security Skills That Are In High Demand
[2008-07-03] What's new, what's next, how you can develop skills that will make your employer much happier, and maybe move up in the local company food chain, with better ability to survive the next two years.

Be Very Careful When Doing an Investigation
[2008-06-19] It is heart rendering to find something illegal, horrifically illegal on a person's computer when doing an investigation.

Be Reliable and Trustworthy in Information Security
[2008-06-09] Kees Lune comes up with an interesting blog article titled: Essential Truths in Information Security: Be Reliable and Trustworthy. He states,